Volunteerism at Compass

It takes a village to keep Compass  on point. That is why we ask each family to commit 50 hours of volunteer time each year.

There are three options for fulfilling your volunteer commitment:

  • Put in the hours. Here are the opportunities for volunteering  in and out of the classroom. Don’t forget to track your hours!
  • Spend money for the class/school.  Give yourself credit for every $12 you spend on behalf of the classroom or school (excluding materials and supplies fees).  Just turn in your receipts to CMEF and add the equivalent number of hours to the volunteer tracker (just click the “log your volunteer hours” button to access the volunteer tracker).
  • Buy out your hours. Use the buttons below to buy out some or all of your hours for $12/hour. In turn, CMEF is making funds available for students to earn to defray trip costs.