About CMEF

The Compass Montessori Education Foundation is a non-profit, 501(C)(3) entity established in 1998.

Mission Statement

Compass Montessori Education Foundation provides financial support to Compass Montessori School by engaging with Compass families and community partners to strengthen the schools resources, giving the school the ability to provide an authentic Montessori education as a public school.

‏CMEF Board of Directors

Ange Ard, Immediate Past President

‏Joseph Pettit, President

Jeanine Mason, Secretary

‏Doug Michaels, Treasurer

‏Bill Kottenstette, Executive Director of Compass Montessori

Amy Story

Deanna Benzenberg

Hannah Ewert-Krocker, Compass Montessori Board of Directors Liaison

Needs Statement

‏Compass Montessori School is a Jefferson County Public Charter School. The financial needs of a public charter are different than those of a neighborhood school.  We pay our own operating and facilities expenses. And we embrace the Montessori model of having two trained adults in each classroom.  To maintain the quality of the Compass Montessori experience, CMEF needs to raise additional funds for the school’s short-term needs and long-term vision.

Impact Statement

‏For the past two years, CMEF has supplemented the school’s operating budget by $65,000 per year. This money has been used to ensure every student at Compass has the opportunities to have an authentic Montessori experience.

With CMEF’s support, Compass Montessori has built a national reputation for providing a highly effective curricula that inspires a lifelong love of learning and prepares each child for a successful future.