Battle of the Bands Rocked!

As PJ Zahn brought the first annual Compass Battle of the Bands to a close with a rousing version of  ‘Uptown Funk’, the remaining revelers couldn’t stop dancing. After 8 bands, a great night of music was wrapping up just right!

Cannonball Creek was the perfect venue for this rapid style event, where each band had a Compass connection and took the stage for 30 minutes to rock the house.  The music ran the gamut, from the blues of Zed and the Misled, alt rock by Left Handed Stranger, and bluegrass from the the Blue Canyon Boys (Congrats to Blue Canyon Boys, who brought home the coveted Unicorn Trophy).

Guests were encouraged to buy tickets to vote for their favorite bands. These sales alone raised over $2,500 for Compass. Cannonball Creek generously kicked in 20% of sales (which were robust, thanks to their amazing craft ales!).

The event brought in over $4000 for Compass and provided a fantastic reason to let loose and celebrate with our talented community.

Thank you to everyone who participated and attended, and especially to all of the bands! Below are some tidbits about each band and their connection to Compass. We look forward to making this an annual tradition!

Zed and the Misled (Blues)
Abbey’s dad plays drums, with Uncle Bill on bass and Uncle Cris on guitar and vox

The Yarbles (Rock)
All 3 kids have gone to Compass starting in Children’s house!

Left Handed Stranger (Rock)
Matt’s daughter Morgan is in the farm school.

Blue Canyon Boys (Bluegrass)
Mia and Jackson both attend Compass, one at each campus. Congrats to our winner!

Compass 5 (Rock)
A brand new band that started just for the battle! Elizabeth’s (lead singer) son Jassim is in 4th grade at Golden with pianist Mike’s sons Christopher and Nicholas.

Old Fuss and Feathers (Americana)
Singer and Guitarist Tom’s children Luke and Mia are at Wheatridge.

Band on the Fence (Classic Rock)
Trent’s sons Ronin and Theo attend both campuses (you will see this same line below with PJ Zahn– what a musical family!

PJ Zahn (Party Rock)
Guitarist Andy’s daughter in in the farm school, and Julie’s sons Ronin and Theo attend both campuses.




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