Battle of the Bands


Battle of the Bands raises $4,000 for Compass and entertains more than 200 brewery goers.

CMEF’s inaugural Battle of the Bands is sure to be an annual tradition. Eight incredibly talented bands battled it out at Cannonball Creek Brewing on Saturday and the Blue Canyon Boys’ knee-slapping bluegrass earned them the Unicorn Trophy. 200+ parents, teachers and staff danced, laughed and, between beer sales and votes, kicked $4,000 into to the Compass Montessori Education Foundation.

Fundraisers like these help supplement Compass’s annual budget with everything from teacher training to facility enhancements (like or fabulous new lockers) and classroom materials to sports teams.

So help us help you by making a tax-deductible gift to CMEF on Colorado Gives Day (Dec. 5th) or before the end of the year. We have some significant projects to cover in 2018 including the Wheat Ridge kitchen and Golden mobile classroom and we can’t do it without you!