Direct Giving

We hold our Annual Direct Give Campaign each fall and reach out to each family in our community to ask for a one time or recurring donation. These gifts, no matter how small, add up when the whole of our community participates at some level.

Your gift will be used to help the operations of the school in addition to funding grants such as teacher training scholarships and special projects.

Simplify your donations by adding a monthly recurring gift. You can add any amount to be deducted on a monthly basis. The button below will forward you to the Colorado Gives website where your donation will be processed in a secure environment. Thank you for your support of Compass Montessori!

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  • Compass Montessori is the only public school in the United States that provides a seamless Montessori education for children Pre-K through 12th grade.
  • Compass teachers are paid less than the average for our county, and most are not being paid for their years of experience.
  • Approximately 25 percent of Compass students qualify for free or reduced lunch.
  • Compass receives the same funding per pupil from the state and county, but, unlike traditional public schools, it is responsible for operating its own facilities.
    And yet…
  • Compass high schoolers score above average on the SAT.
  • The Compass class of 2013—comprising just 25 students—was awarded more than $1,000,000 in merit-based scholarships for their four years of college study.
  • The average student-to-teacher ratio is 16-to-1.
  • Compass does not “teach to the test.” But our children continue to stay on par with other public schools in the district and state.
  • Compass families commute from nearly 60 zip codes to participate in our dynamic educational community. Several families have moved across the country to be here.