The Compass Community Remains United!

Dear Compass Community,

The Compass Montessori Education Foundation (CMEF) wants you to know we are here for our school community, now more than ever. As you may have guessed, Compass Montessori School is facing challenging and unprecedented circumstances. Our school closure, reduced pre-school tuition collection, and a rapidly changing economy have created uncertainty for the 2020-21 school year budget. Those most affected are likely our teachers, staff and classrooms. 

While the cuts to the School’s operating budget are not yet known in detail, we do know they are coming, and it could be up to 10%. 

CMEF is collaborating with school leadership, and we are not waiting to begin our efforts to support our beautiful school…and it starts now! Our Board recognizes this is a trying time for many, and our hearts are with you. We understand not everyone can give, and for those, we ask that you take care of yourself, and stay safe. For others, if giving is an option for you, we ask you to consider donating today. As always, all funds will go directly to our School in the way they need it most. 

We also welcome your ideas for professional partnerships, grants, sponsorships or other funding opportunities we should know about. We are ready to celebrate our amazing school with anyone you think will listen, and we plan to continue our outreach efforts immediately. If you’d like to help with those efforts, please email or call 303-386-5621. 

We have seen this community show up for our school so much this year, and your support – past, present and future – is very much appreciated. Stay well, and stay connected! We’ll be posting more updates on our Instagram (@cmef_compassgives) and this website regularly! 


The CMEF Board of Directors

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