Compass Gives Day

Each year, we ask you to give what you can to Compass Montessori Education Foundation, either directly or through Colorado Gives. This is more than yet another fall holiday tradition. It is our heartfelt plea for your help in providing an excellent public Montessori education for your child and others. As you think about what you might do this year, here are some things to keep in mind.

In the past school year, CMEF invested $45,000 of your money in teacher training.

  • Over the past three years, 21 teachers completed more than 21,000 hours of Montessori training. With their own time and money (aided by CMEF funds), these dedicated teachers spent evenings, weekends and summers away from home to become certified at the Children’s House, Elementary and Adolescent levels.
  • CMEF helped pay for another 2,000 hours of training for staff in areas like gifted students, specialed, state licensing and more. Training one teacher elevates the skills of the whole staff, as teachers come back from training and share what they learn to benefit all.

In the past school year, CMEF invested $27,000 of your money in classroom materials.

  • A Montessori classroom costs between $50,000 and $75,00 to equip. With wear and tear on these materials, refreshing and replacing them is an ongoing need across more than 20 classrooms.
  • Teachers at Compass apply their training and provide lessons that employ materials as the primary tools for learning. Compass is one of the few public Montessori schools that is materials-led.

As a community, we are committed to long-term growth and success of our students and our staff. We need to support that commitment with donations to CMEF. Those donations go directly back into the community in areas of greatest need.

Investing in our community is especially important right now. With public funds now likely to remain flat (or even falling) this year, we need to provide more direct support to ensure all our children receive an excellent public Montessori experience from ages 3 through 18.

Please consider a one-time or recurring gift to the Compass Montessori Education Foundation. Our goal is to have every family giving to CMEF—even a few dollars lets the school know you are on board. A gift of any size demonstrates your belief in our children, our faculty and our community.

Giving is easy. You can mail a check or drop it off at school. You can donate online
through Colorado Gives. If you donate on December 5th, the Colorado Community First foundation will make an additional donation based on the money raised.

On behalf of the CMEF board, I sincerely thank you for your consideration.
Ange Ard, CMEF President