Compass Gives Day


Colorado Gives Day is just around the corner! Mark your calendar for December 8, 2020, OR log on now to schedule your donation for this year!  Know that CMEF so appreciates your continued support.  99% percent of your donations go directly to supporting Compass via high school scholarships, teacher trainings, building improvements, and more.

Consider making a donation, whether you can give $20, $200, or $2,000 every dollar helps!

Cosmic Club

If you feel comfortable making a monthly recurring gift of any amount or a $150+ one-time gift by Colorado Gives Day, you’ll be part of our new giving club – The Cosmic Club. Named after Maria Montessori’s desire to help children understand how all the parts of the universe are interconnected and interdependent, we want you to understand how your independent donations to CMEF make a bigger impact on the school via a Spring Donor Appreciation Event and recognition at Festa and in the CMEF Newsletter.

Thanks for your support!

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